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Smart Heated Vest 2.0
Smart Heated Vest 2.0
Smart Heated Vest 2.0
Smart Heated Vest 2.0
Smart Heated Vest 2.0
Smart Heated Vest 2.0
Smart Heated Vest 2.0
Smart Heated Vest 2.0
Smart Heated Vest 2.0
Smart Heated Vest 2.0
Smart Heated Vest 2.0

Smart Heated Vest 2.0

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A classic, heated and insulated layering piece. This sleek vest uses smart heating technology, designed in Germany and crafted from premium materials. 100% safe, designed by professionals. Warming your core and neck without additional bulky layers. Stow this versatile vest in your bag and pack it along for the ride.

  • Prevent colds and sore bones
  • Heats up instantly in less than a minute
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • 12 hours working time
  • Lightweight, provides warmth with only one layer
  • Heat trapping insulation and infrared heating with no radiation
  • Appropriate for any outdoor occasion like cycling, fishing, hiking, camping, even indoors like driving or watching TV!

This is a Limited Time HOLIDAY OFFER and is Currently Selling Fast in Today's Climate.


98% of Outdoor Enthusiasts Recommended This Vest

  • QUICK AND LONG-LASTING WARMTH: Fast heating in just a minute. Up to 12 working hours on a single 15,000 mAh Power Bank.


  • ADJUSTABLE HEATING LEVEL. With 3 heating levels. Perfect for outdoor activities like camp, hike, ski, fish, hunt or office routine and business during fall and winter.


  • HEALTH CARE HEATED VEST. Help promote blood circulation. Increases blood oxygen. Improves micro-circulation and eliminates inflammation. 


  • ULTRA LIGHT MATERIAL. Polyester shell with Carbon Fiber wire, which is water-resistant and wind-resistant. Forget about wearing thick sweaters and jackets; the Heating Vest is light, convenient and can be worn over any clothing.


  • EASY CARE. Machine washable. Just unplug from the power bank and throw it right in to the machine.

No more bulky jackets from now on! Relieve the chilly feeling and say goodbye to Winter Shivers with the Smart Heated Vest.

It's time to conquer the outdoors.

Size Chart
Size Bust (cm/inch) Shoulder (cm/inch) Length (cm/inch)
S 102cm / 40.1 inch 39.1cm / 15.3 inch 63cm / 24.8 inch
M 106 / 40.7 inch 40.3cm / 15.8 inch 65cm / 25.6 inch
L 110cm / 40.3 inch 41.5cm / 16.3 inch 67cm / 26.3 inch
XL 114cm / 44.8inch 42.7cm / 16.8 inch 69cm / 27.1 inch
2XL 118cm / 46.4 inch 43.9cm / 17.2 inch 71cm / 27.9 inch
3XL 122cm / 48.0 inch 45.1cm / 17.7 inch 73cm / 28.7 inch
4XL 126cm / 49.6 inch 46.3cm / 18.2 inch 75cm / 29.5 inch 


  1. PLUG IN - Vest features built-in USB cord to connect to the power bank.
  2. TURN ON - long press the power switch for 3 to 5 seconds to turn on.
    Red light flashes - automatic heating
    Red light - manual heating, high temperature
    White light - medium temperature
    Blue light - low temperature



  • Warm: 45°C 15000 mAh 8-12 Hours
  • Comfortable: 35°C 15000 mAh 10-14 Hours
  • Energy Saving: 25°C 15000 mAh 12-16 Hours


  • Heating panels made with ultra-fine carbon fiber.
  • An advanced heat-trapping insulated layer
  • Water resistant material sheds rain and snow


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